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Protection of rights

Medex d.o.o. undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the personal data of the users of the online store, and their privacy. The collected personal data will be used by Medex d.o.o. exclusively to provide services connected with the online store

All content on these websites is under the ownership of Medex d.o.o. It is of informative character and can be used only as a source of general information, and cannot replace a consultation with a doctor of pharmacist. The provider shall make his best effort to provide accurate photographs of the articles being sold on the websites. Nevertheless, all photographs must be considered symbolic, as the photos do not guarantee product characteristics.


Medex d.o.o. shall not be responsible for the use of the website, and any potential damage arising from the use of the website’s content contained therein. Every user shall use the published content at their own responsibility. By maintaining the content on the website, Medex d.o.o. shall endeavour to keep the data up-to-date and accurate, but makes no guarantees and assumes no responsibility for their accuracy and completeness, or for any possible consequences on account of the featured website’s content being misinterpreted. Medex d.o.o. reserves the right to change, add or remove websites (in full or in part) without prior notice.

Restrictions on use of the content

The content featured on the website of Medex d.o.o. ( can be used for users' personal needs, provided that this is not in breach of any copyrights. The authors of this content shall not be liable for any harmful consequences arising from such use. Any other type of use or distribution of this website’s content or part of it is forbidden.

Data protection

The company shall manage all data gathered on the website of Medex d.o.o. ( in line with the applicable legislation.

Medex Newsletter (subscribing to the e-mail newsletter)

By subscribing to the newsletter group, the user agrees that Medex d.o.o. can use their e-mail address for the purpose of sending notifications about new products, sending news, informing customers about any particularities in relation to its business operations, sending out updated offers, and for the purpose of statistical processing. Medex d.o.o. has the right to process personal data for a period of at least 5 years or until it receives a withdrawal of the user’s written consent. The user has been made aware that Medex d.o.o. will continue to use their personal data even in the event of receiving a withdrawal of the written consent, but only in order to fulfil its contractual obligations and exercise its rights from the contractual relationship.

Users can unsubscribe from the newsletter system at any time following the procedure described in each newsletter or in any other appropriate way in writing or by e-mail. The user has been made aware that their e-mail address is processed by Medex d.o.o., and stored in its system, which is physically located at the company's headquarters.

Medex d.o.o. undertakes not to forward, lend or sell the e-mail address to third parties without prior notification of the individual user, and without having obtained their written consent. Information about the individual shall be processed by the company only in the scope of the collection purposes set out above.

Medex d.o.o. uses the opt-in system for newsletter subscriptions, which means that e-mails are sent only to people who gave their express consent to receive Medex news.


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Outbound links

The website by Medex may contain links to third-party websites. Medex d.o.o. shall not assume responsibility for the texts published on those websites, as their contents and performance are beyond the boundaries of Medex's control. For this reason, Medex d.o.o. calls on all users of Medex websites to read the legal notices and intellectual property protection notices by the creators of the linked websites prior to visiting them so as to avoid any harmful consequences arising from unauthorised invasion of third parties’ privacy.

Visitors under the age of 18

The website is not intended for people under the age of 18. We shall not collect data of people for whom we know to be younger than 18. Visitors below 18 years of age are urged not to send any data.

Privacy and the use of questions and comments

Any questions, comments, suggestions or other types of communication, including any ideas, inventions, concepts, techniques or know-how transmitted by a third party to the website or in any other form to the company Medex d.o.o., via e-mail or other means, shall not be treated as intellectual property and will be considered as belonging to Medex d.o.o.

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Pravno obvestilo

Newsletter Medexove e-novice (prijava na elektronsko posredovane novice)

Uporabnik s prijavo v novičarsko skupino soglaša, da Medex d.o.o. uporabi njegov elektronski naslov za namene obveščanja o novih produktih, novicah, obveščanje kupcev o morebitnih posebnostih v zvezi s poslovanjem, pošiljanje aktualnih ponudb, in statistično obdelavo. Osebne podatke lahko Medex d.o.o. obdeluje najmanj 5 let, oziroma do preklica pisne privolitve uporabnika. Uporabnik je seznanjen, da bo Medex d.o.o. v primeru preklica pisne privolitve osebne podatke še naprej uporabljal, vendar le za izpolnjevanje pogodbenih obveznosti in uveljavljanje pravic iz pogodbenega razmerja.

Iz sistema sporočil se lahko uporabnik kadarkoli izpiše na način, opisan v posamezni e-novici ali na drug primeren način v pisni ali elektronski obliki. Uporabnik je seznanjen, da njegov elektronski naslov obdeluje Medex d.o.o., ki ga hrani v sistemu, ki je fizično nastanjen v kraju sedeža.

Medex d.o.o. se zavezuje, da elektronskega naslova ne bo posredoval, posodil ali prodal tretji osebi, brez predhodnega obvestila in pridobitve pisnega soglasja posameznika. Informacije o posamezniku bo družba obdelovala zgolj v okviru zgoraj naštetih namenov zbiranja.

Medex d.o.o. za prijavo na novice uporablja strogi sistem prijave (t.i. opt-in), kar pomeni, da pošilja elektronsko pošto zgolj osebam, ki so se izrecno strinjale, da želijo prejemati elektronska obvestila Medexa