18. Mar 2018

How is your 2018 doing?

This is our year, I can feel it. Seriously. In every aspect of life, and especially in those that long for change, excellence, persistence. As soon as we entered the new year I could feel positive attitude towards things that previously felt difficult, hard, and needless. I accepted them as inevitable, as a challenge, a step forward. And I swear I feel lighter and the unpleasant things become ...  well, not exactly a super duper mega party, but I can cope with them decisively, I am focused and I do not let them drain me. I don't want to go into listing these things, since every one of us bears their own burden and is going through difficult chapters that become more difficult every time we push them aside or ignore them.

Nevertheless, I want to point out an issue I've been struggling with for quite some time. You might find it banal, but those of you who have faced the same issue before will know what I am talking about.

There was a moment in my life when I felt my world would simply crash down on me someday. Literally. The first and utmost important part of my life is my family, my home, my people. I figured out that there is something wrong in my home, the place where I belong. I could not recall the peacefulness and tranquillity that a home should provide. Something was redundant.   Things, things, things everywhere. Too much of everything. I realised my things are not as tidy as I'd like them to be. I am constantly cleaning, searching for different things, argh ... How is it possible that I tidy up every spare minute, and at the same time step over stuff on the floor. I do the laundry all the time, but the laundry basket is always full, I'm looking for documents everywhere, although they are supposed to be on the upper shelf, and similar examples. You get the picture.

I used to function just fine in my world, in my system ... but one day it struck me that I didn’t like it anymore. What was happening? And then ...  a revelation.

My friend had perfect timing when she told me that she had just read a book on tidying and that she was doing everything wrong before. A book on tidying? Well ... So I went and bought it - it could do no harm anyway. And all I can say is: awesome, awesome, awesome! If I were Oprah, I'd sing: VICTORY! FREEDOM!

My thinking, my living, my philosophy - everything changed so quickly as if I were only waiting for the right words and arguments. To make a long story short, I tidied up our apartment as I have never done before. And I will never have to do it again. It was once and for all.  Not that I didn't throw things away before, I was just doing it wrong. Anyhow, this method suggests that you only keep those things that make you happy, satisfied, and help you become a better person. Consequently, you throw away things that burden you, that are unnecessary, and your home becomes your little temple again - a place where you can relax, are surrounded with nice things, feel comfortable ... and can enjoy it in peace. Tranquillity. God, how I missed this. In the process, I also cleaned my thoughts and mind I found focus and serenity.

You see, I've been involved with make-up and cosmetics for more than 15 years; therefore, I feel a special attachment to some products. So, in the cleaning process, cosmetic products were the last thing I had to deal with. For me, this was the hardest part. I have a huge closet with cosmetic and make-up products that I have stored for all these years. Just in case I ever needed them again. Sounds familiar? Not to even mention all the testers, hotel shampoos, and all sorts of remains. OMG - this is the most appropriate reaction. And this one too: What the heck was I thinking!

So I took a big basket, and as I became a real expert in knowing what to keep and what to throw away, I filled it with a ton of things that were only stealing my air and space and filled me with internal disorder. Do you want to know what remained in the closet? Only the stuff I truly love. My little beauty temple is now filled with only my personal make-up, and, of course, with Beesecret products. Now their beautiful packaging is noticeable at last. They now have their own place, their throne in the first line. As it should have been from the beginning. Beautiful!

And I sing again: VICTORY!

My bathroom closet can breathe again. Finally. And so does my skin.

If you are a regular Beesecret user, you must have noticed that due to these products the winter is not so harsh on your skin. At least I have noticed. Especially in these days when it is freezing cold outside and the air inside is dry. Without appropriate products for skin treatment, such conditions can have terrible consequences on our skin. So keep using them and remember the saying: Your skin will thank you. And become smoother. And glowing. And firm. And when people ask you: "What's your secret?"   Simply answer: "It's called BEESECRET."

I'll be with you soon and share what is occupying my mind.




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