18. Mar 2018
Those wrinkles

You look yourself in the mirror and try to find that perfect grimace that makes them invisible. How to act as not noticing wrinkles on your forehead or act cool about them  and how to hide them when they are disturbing you.

Well, if anyone thinks that men do do not pay attention to this, they are wrong. Because some do. I do. And signs of aging do get on my nerves. This includes wrinkles. And because they bother me, I want a solution. Preferably as simple as possible.

Beeee and a secret

Since Medex is one of my partners, of course, I know their products. Very well, actually. And Beesecret is something that buzzes on the scene so intensely I just had to try it. What triggered it? Applying bee poison to the skin, daily. And it's not perfumed. First one sounds cool, the other one is necessary as I do not want to smell like car air fresheners.

Beesecret is described like this: There is an abundance of cosmetic products for mature skin and as an alternative to the bottox, the bee's poison is most often mentioned. Bee poison increases blood flow, stimulates the formation of collagen, reduces the expression of wrinkles and their premature formation. Because the feeling of well-being is best reflected on our face, the desire of every woman and man is a shiny, smooth and tense skin. This brings self-confidence, satisfaction and well-being.

I'm not a woman!

I loudly object. I want more equality and cosmetics for men. Beesecret is a great cream for guys (too). As I have already written, it is not perfumed and to me it seems to be effective. I apply it to my face every morning and at bedtime. After a few weeks, it seems to me that the skin looks and feels more youthful, I have less wrinkles.  This could be an illusion but the picture I see in the mirror gets better with every day.


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