17. Mar 2017
The precious gifts of nature cannot stay uncovered

Health from the beehive

Humankind has never been so exposed to pesticides, preservatives, additives, and genetically modified foods as it is today. So it is no wonder we are questioning what food we are eating and what cosmetic products we are using. On the bright side, bee products are one of those rare foods that can be consumed just as they are produced in the beehive: without preservatives, additives, or other artificial substances. The science of healing with bee products is called apitherapy; it uses royal jelly, honey and beeswax, as well as pollen, propolis and bee venom as its basic ingredients. Bee venom can be applied to our body in several ways: with bee stings, injections, inhalations, acupuncture, or as an ointment, as food, and also, but rarely, with galvanic treatments. The scientific name for bee venom is apitoxin; it is a transparent liquid with specific scent and bitter taste, and is injected when a bee stings.

Healing stings

Bee stings were used as a healing treatment in Ancient Egypt, Greece, and China. They used bee venom mainly for healing pain and inflammations. It is also believed to help heal autoimmune diseases, and without doubt increases circulation and encourages the production of collagen, elastin, and cortisone. All of the above slows down the process of skin ageing; therefore, bee venom is believed to be the natural botox alternative. It makes skin more firm and eliminates wrinkles, and bees do not have to die for our beautifying agent.

Because bees do not have to die ...

This is what we were taught: When a bee stings, its stinger usually stays in our skin. It is very likely that part of bee's abdomen is also torn away in the process, and the bee dies soon afterwards. Today, bee venom is produced with sophisticated methods including special plates that conduct electric current. A weak electric impulse agitates the bees to sting, and bee venom is collected on the surface of the plate covered with fabric. Since the fabric is very thin, a bee does not get hurt and can fly away immediately after the process.

What is the scent of 2017?

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