17. Feb 2017
No bees are harmed in the process of bee venom collection

Modern bee venom collection methods are bee friendly, and the collection process is not harmful to them. A bee that stings into a soft surface (e.g. the skin) cannot pull its barbed stinger out. Attempts to do so result in severe injuries to the bee and ultimately its death. However, when the bee stings into a hard surface, the stinger doesn’t get caught and the bee won’t get hurt as it can pull it out easily.

Bee venom used for cosmetic and medical applications is collected by installing glass slides with electric voltage directly under the frames in the hive. Bees are then stimulated with mild electric impulses to secrete the venom which sticks to the glass piece. Once dry, the venom gets scraped off by the beekeepers. The sophisticated procedure warrants that bees are under minimum stress and do not get hurt or injured in the process.


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