17. Jun 2017
Here, there, and everywhere

It's been a while since I introduced Beesecret serum and cream into my daily routine. At first it was just to test new products, but now it's a forever! I am really thrilled with their usability and effect, as well as with their ingredients, texture, wonderful packaging and the entire story of these products.

As a person who has been involved with the beauty industry for years, I used and tested a colourful array of cosmetic products. Therefore, I have always appreciated personal advice from first-hand experience, as they say.

So take this blog as my first-hand advice, and make the utmost use of it.

Just like every woman, I am aware of my age, and just like every woman, I hope I look younger than I really am. :) Honestly, if they are close to inventing flying cars, pizza-delivery robots and all other high-tech stuff, how come no one has figured out how to slow down time yet? Now I can understand what my parents always said: "Time flies by too quickly," or "Our children are the proof of how fast we are ageing". However, until the time machine is invented, we have to help ourselves the best we can. Here, there, and everywhere — at least for the sake of feeling good.

I have been a make-up artist for a large portion of my professional career. I always emphasized the importance of skin-care products, not only make-up; at first only as a professional, but in my thirties also as an individual. Of course, along with a healthy diet, enough liquid and other beneficial treatments for our body, everything adds up, you know. Here, there, and everywhere — to result in a beautiful woman.

So, I got a call from Medex, who told me about a brand new product line they developed: Beesecret cream and serum. They invited me to test the products and share my observations with them and with you. I really appreciated that they wanted an honest opinion ... and the fact that there is a group of women covering this project. Different, positive, successful, and down-to-earth — the real women.

I tested the products for several months. Now I am no longer testing them—I’m using them. And I am a very satisfied user. It provides something natural, animal-friendly, rejuvenating, and above all it is called the natural botox — bull's eye!

I believe every woman has to find her way of using serum or cream. My skin is pretty oily, so in the morning, I only apply the cream. I wait for several minutes for the cream to be absorbed, and then I put on my make-up. But in the evening, I apply both serum and cream. I think such care gives my skin enough nutrients over the night. As the signs of ageing are not only seen on the face, I always apply cream to my hands, neck and breast area as well.

Although the cream is recommended for mature skin, I think it is entirely appropriate for younger women. In my opinion, its non-aggressive ingredients make it perfectly suitable for women after 25.

I admit I was always pretty much lost in the overflow of anti-age skin-care products. I bought brand after brand and I was never attached to any of them. I guess this was on purpose. Those creams weren't destined for me. And as I say in such situations in my life: "Something better is waiting for me on the horizon." And it really was. Since that call from Medex, my mind is settled, because I know I am offering my skin only the best. And I'm doing it with Beesecret products.


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