18. Feb 2018
Dermatologically proven efficiency

Many cosmetic products for mature skin are currently available, and the ingredient that is most commonly mentioned as a Botox alternative is bee venom. Bee venom improves blood circulation, encourages the production of collagen, and decreases the visibility of wrinkles and their premature appearance. Since our well-being is best reflected by our face, shiny, smooth and supple skin is what every woman wants. This provides self-confidence, satisfaction and well-being.

Aware of this fact, Medex confirmed its trust into the Beesecret formula for mature skin with dermatological tests.

The results have shown that the regular use of Beesecret serum and cream provides natural protection and youthful appearance of skin. The skin on the face, neck and breast area becomes firm and smooth.  


Clinically proven after 30 days: SERUM * CREAM *
improved skin moisture  15 % 17 %
improved skin elasticity 18 % 11 %
reduced wrinkle length 11 % 9 %
reduced wrinkle depth 4 % 3 %

* This efficiency test was performed under dermatological supervision using instrumental measurements on 25 women, for 30 days, with a twice per day application—average percent of improvement after 30 days is shown.

The research showed a very good response to the Beesecret serum and cream, and no contraindications were reported. 

Women confirm that:

smooths fine lines and wrinkles  88 % 92 %
has an anti-ageing effect 72 % 76 %
helps visibly reduce wrinkles  76 % 80 %
provides skin softness  100 % 96 %
improves skin suppleness  96 % 96 %
ensures skin regeneration  88 % 96 %
helps slow down the process of skin ageing  84 % 87 %
skin elasticity is improved  96 % 96 %
emphasizes fresh, glowing, and youthful appearance  88 % 92 %
skin feels moisturized  100 % 100 %
skin feels nourished  100 % 96 %
protects skin from dehydration  100 % 100 %

** The efficiency test was performed as self-evaluations with dermatological supervision on 25 women, for 30 days, with a twice per day application—percentage of improvement after 30 days is shown.

64 % of women evaluated the Beesecret cream to be better than any products they used before. 52 % of women confirmed the same for the Beesecret serum.

The intensive formula of serum and the nurturing power of the Beesecret cream provide anti-ageing treatment for naturally youthful appearance of mature skin. They are designed for all mature skin types and for everyday use. The products can be used alone or as a base for make-up. 


Photo: style.over.net


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