17. May 2017
Beesecret: the secret from a beehive

Apart from being torn between family and career, a contemporary woman is also expected to look gorgeous and to take care of her appearance. Since our well-being is best reflected in the face, fresh, soft and glowing skin will increase her self-confidence and satisfaction.

At Medex, we are aware of this fact. Therefore, we have launched cosmetics with bee venom: we developed Beesecret — a unique formula for mature skin with as much as 96 % natural ingredients — and created a velvety texture of serum and cream. The nourishing and replenishing formula that emphasizes the natural beauty of every woman was publicly presented in May at the Antiq Palace hotel in Ljubljana. We revealed the secret of bee venom that encourages the production of collagen, blurs the visibility of wrinkles, and prevents its premature occurrence. The discussion of the new cosmetic line that has been warmly welcomed by many famous Slovene women was led by the actress Irena Kovačević. Beside Medex representatives was our special guest — Maja Šušnjara, one of best recognized Slovene make-up artists who has adopted the Beesecret cosmetics in her daily routine.

The beneficial effects of Beesecret cream and serum were also presented in the media: watch the clip from the Bleščica programme, read the article at Fashion.si, or the editorial at Style.Over.Net, as well as a short article at Gloss promotions.

The real and lasting beauty can only be found within ourselves; but attractive appearance takes care of self-confidence and satisfaction. Nourish you beauty while preserving it for the mature years — it is just a click away.


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