18. Jun 2018

Today, a woman must be everything. The best thing is, we start living with a drill in one hand and a perfect manicure and a cookbook with healthy dishes in the other. Plus a hat and Ray-Bans on our head to look totally awesome and chill. But wait—the interesting part is happening on the other side. Inside, there is usually a storm, an earthquake and floods, and simultaneous processes of coordination, double-checking, prediction, and finding solutions on how to most efficiently and with the least damage, costs, stress, and with a smile on your face prevent a catastrophe or restore possible damage and consequences. To paraphrase ... how do we consolidate all our roles and tasks.


I have no clue ... Now, you can stop reading or you can be compassionate.

I can tell you how I try to balance all this mess. I do not know if this is the perfect recipe, but it is how I do it.

I follow the idea of starting each day anew. A rooster crows in the morning, I wake up to a new day, and I am alive, my family is alive and nothing has fallen apart. Although my to-do list is not fully checked, I take this as a great success. There are mornings with a smoothie for breakfast, and ones when kids get just a cookie, or another time when we sleep in and then rush like mad. But this is life. Being a Stepford wife would make us die of boredom. At least me. And so would people around us.  I have been dealing with the issue of being a multi-personality in one single life for quite some time. Being an impulsive, passionate person, I always want to complete my tasks now and with distinction. On the other hand, I also have very lazy days when I feel ridiculous. So I started my march to escape this stupid situation with a tattoo. Makes sense!? 

I got myself a BALANCE sign tattoo. Because I believe this is the solution. If you are not balanced, every step towards balance is a huge progress. So this was my starting point. And I am making progress, I really am. Slowly, but steadily. Of course, I still get carried away, but this is me and I would probably get terribly bored if I were completely balanced, so there are slight lapses from time to time and this is ok. But I do not take the burden of the whole world anymore, and I do not trouble myself with them. No sir.

Now, I even take time to appreciate children's foolishness before I say: "Kids, it's enough!" But I might freak out now and then, because they do not listen. So what. And I take my time to drink a cup of coffee outside, to watch my favourite TV show or do whatever I want. And I also put myself first from time to time. Without a guilty conscience. I still try to take care of many different things, but I take time to enjoy in-between. This is it.

My favourite part of the day is evening. Time for myself. When everybody falls asleep and the air is mine. And the bathroom is mine. Time for my ritual of relaxation. Make-up down, BEESECRET up. Skin balanced, checked. A little bit of facial massage, good music, a bite or two (because I go to the gym in the morning), and then I am happy. This is our right, our task, our role. And everybody around us will be happy too. That's how it works. At least for me. This is my recipe.

Be happy =)




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